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Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry President and businessman Richard Ngatia has intervened to prevent the closure of 43 clubs by the Nairobi City County Council Alcoholic Drinks Control and Licencing Board.

Ngatia announced that the regulator had agreed to meet with all the affected entertainment joints to solve the issues raised.

“KNCCI President Richard Ngatia intervened with the board, and it was agreed all bar owners shall be invited to dialogue to discuss a suitable agreement to protect business owners and residents.

“The board agreed not to close any bars till such dialogue has ensued. We urge all bar owners to follow the law as regards noise pollution in residential areas and ensure roads are not congested by their patrons,” he said.

The Nairobi City County Council Alcoholic Drinks Control and Licencing Board had revoked the licenses of some popular clubs such as Loft Lounge, Bar Next Door, and Quiver, among many others, over complaints of noise pollution.

Authorities raided several entertainment venues in Nairobi on Saturday, October 1, and detained the managers and revellers on the grounds of noise pollution.

County Director of Liquor Licensing Hesbon Agwena, stated in a memo to county security teams, health officials, and NACADA that the County Liquor Board had received complaints of noise pollution on licensed liquor premises from various residential areas and the general public, which led to inspections due to non-compliance.

In the memo, Hesbon asked that the named teams work with NEMA and urban planning officials for guidance and assistance throughout the process to ensure that everything is done to the latter.

The came barely a week after Kileleshwa Member of County Assembly (MCA), Robert Alai cried foul over the noise coming out of some of these clubs and asked the County government to shut them after complaints from residents reached him.

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