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After days of silence, Singer Kevin Bahati Kioko has finally broken his silence by releasing a new track.
The three minute song titled ‘Mambo ya mhesh’ is produced by Teddy B and the video directed by Young Wallace.

The song premiered on YouTube on October 4 breaking the silence by many who had questioned the long silence by the singer who had just come from a political loss.

The release of the song attracted mixed reactions from fans who had camped in Bahati’s YouTube channel waiting for him to make his ‘address’.
Victoria Mueni We really missed you can’t wait for Dee to speak out toowe love you the bahatis, and we stand by your side no matter what

DJ MASUMBUKO254 Ni bahati tena Good to see you back brother This is lit

Deññoh_ Phéññal We should all admit that Bahati is the only artist in kenya that knows showbiz,,Likes za Bahaa

J. Musyoka Official What a sweet come back Baha,, keep it men. The comeback is a masterpiece

Betty Chebet Wueh! I can tell that this song is a banger

Kareen Philis I knew it was going to be a song

Belinda Mueni Wow amazing song, more fire welcome back bahati’s family tunawalombotovu
The release of the song could be an indicator that all is well in the Bahati family and perphaps could be the beginning of more content from the Bahati family.

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