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Willy Paul’s latest song with Jovial has been deleted from his YouTube channel following what is believed to be a copyright infringement claim.
The song was uploaded on YouTube three days ago and had already accumulated over five thousand views by the time it was pulled down from the singer’s channel.

The song was pulled down after a musician identified as King Jones claimed that Pozze had taken parts of his music and incorporated them into the new song, according to YouTuber BTG News Kenya.
The song is a project that the two have taken time to bring into reality taking back to more than a month when the two started engaging on the matter.

The whole journey started when Pozze slid into the DM of Jovial after she posted a photo of her in a bathtub but she was not at ease with the way he approached her.

He did not however give up on her until she came to Nairobi and the two released the new single ‘Lalala’ which revealed that the two were not dating but had rather been clouting and pushing for the new song that would be released on Pozze’s channel.
In addition, since the song was uploaded on YouTube it was doing well to an extent of trending at number three before it got deleted.

At the same time, neither Willy Paul nor Jovial has come out to say anything about the song being deleted which also leaves their fans guessing on whether they are the ones that deleted it for clout purposes or it is true that it was out of copyright claims.

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