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President-elect William Ruto has already settled on the final design of his presidential standard with only a day left to his inauguration as the 5th president of Kenya.

The presidential standard or presidential flag is the unique flag that is used as a symbol of the current head of state or president.

It is only used or raised when the president is present and is a symbol of his authority and will be unveiled during Ruto’s inauguration.

“Ordinarily, the KDF would ask the incoming president about his design preference, touching on the colour and any other customizations he would prefer. Remember, he is the Head of State of the entire country and this is not about his party,” said Statecraft and security strategist Mumo Nzau

According to highly placed sources in Ruto’s camp, the incoming head of state has chosen his presidential standard to be colour green, which is one of the colours of his UDA party.

The designs were presented to the incoming president last week.

Other than the green colour, the flag is also expected to contain the shield as has been the tradition.

What remains to be seen is Ruto’s choice of the symbol as well as other intricate details that will be added to the flag.

All his predecessors, apart from the late Mwai Kibaki chose symbols from the parties that they were elected.

The late Jomo Kenyatta’s flag was blue, bearing the shield, spears and a Jogoo on the right, symbolising the ruling party at the time; KANU.

Kenya’s second president Daniel Moi maintained the Jogoo but changed the background colour to green.

The late Kibaki chose to omit his party’s symbol, choosing a white background and only added an emblem similar to that of the UN.

President Kenyatta picked a blue background and added the image of a dove which at the time was the symbol of The National Alliance, which he vied on.

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