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The Nairobi Metropolitan Services has announced that the renovated Uhuru Park is set to be commissioned on Monday evening, September 12, 2022.

The event, which is expected to be carried out by State House will see the park reopen its doors to the public after months of closure.

The fireworks display is set to take place between 7pm and 8 pm.

β€œIt is notified for general information of the public that there will be a Fireworks Extravaganza in Uhuru Park between 7-8 pm on Monday 12th in celebration of the Commissioning of Uhuru and Central Park. Members of the public are advised to anticipate and enjoy the display,” the announcement read.

However, the parts of the park are still under construction and procedures for accessing the park will be issued by the authorities.

Nairobi’s most popular recreational parks, Uhuru and Central Parks have undergone a major facelift to ensure they meet international standards.

The green spaces have been phenomenal in the evolution of the country as they have both hosted historic national events.

The rehabilitation works which come 52 years after the green spaces were first opened to the public involved construction of various buildings & landscaping features that include; a playground, an outdoor gym, jogging tracks, botanical trails, an outdoor library and a skating park.

Uhuru Park was gazetted and opened to the public by Kenya’s first President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta on 23rd May 1969 in the embodiment of the country’s freedom.

It is also the home of the Mau-Mau freedom fighters monument that honours victims of torture during the colonial era.

The revamped green spaces will play a critical role in environmental pollution management, social-economic development of the nation as well as the physical well-being of citizens.

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