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The Judiciary has issued a warning regarding what has been termed as a sponsored attack against the Supreme Court judges.

In a statement, the third arm of government noted that the Supreme Court had been disparaged by some individuals on social media, who also claimed that one of the judges had resigned.

“The Judiciary’s attention has been drawn to a recent wave of sponsored sustained attack targeting the Supreme Court of Kenya,” read an excerpt of the statement.

The hate remarks on social media were linked to the judgement delivered by the Supreme Court upholding the election of President-elect William Ruto.

“There has been an unfortunate trend of isolating individual judges and attributing the judgment to them. The Court has seven judges who are independent and highly respectful of each other as equals. A ‘unanimous’ judgment is a collective decision made by the Court and not by an individual.

“The persons sponsoring and executing the attacks on social media to disparage the Court are advised to desist forthwith,” the Judiciary warned.

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