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Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have rescued 18 victims of human trafficking from a house in Athi River, Machakos County.

According to the DCI, the 18 were enroute to a destination in the Gulf where they were to be sold as slaves.

The raid conducted by detectives from the Transnational Organized Crimes Unit saw three suspects namely; Abdullahi Hussein Mohamed, 32, Hassan Ibrahim Godana, 35 and Chari Dulacha, 40 arrested.

“The 18 were about to be shipped out of the country when the hawk-eyed detectives arrived and rescued them, following Intelligence leads,” the DCI said.

The incident comes in the wake of increased cases of mistreatment of migrant workers in the Gulf. Meanwhile, job seekers have been urged to be wary of unscrupulous employment agents who are not recognized by the government but end up sneaking out immigrants without proper documentation.

The three suspects are being grilled at Muthaiga Police station pending their arraignment.

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