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Kenyans on Wednesday expressed concern about the health of Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga following photos of his meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In the images, Odinga seemed to be nursing some injuries on his face, which appeared swollen.

According to close sources aware of the matter, the former Prime Minister was involved in an accident while working out on the treadmill.

Photos of the meeting surfaced online on Wednesday morning, showing President Kenyatta in a jolly mood as he interacted with Odinga and his close allies.

Uhuru’s eldest son Jomo Kenyatta was also present during the visit that also featured Siaya Governor James Orengo, Prof Makau Mutua, Winnie Odinga, Ida Odinga, and lawyer Paul Mwangi among others.

According to highly placed sources at the meeting, Uhuru and Odinga discuss the election, the Supreme Court judgment and other matters of national interest.

The two also discussed the next steps to take after President-elect William Ruto’s election was upheld.

Both leaders disagreed with the Supreme Court judgement but said that they would accept the outcome, with Kenyatta promising a smooth handover process.

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