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Diana Chepkemoi the university student whose story of suffering in Saudi Arabia hit the headlines has narrated the tough times she underwent in the hands of her employers after landing at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).⁣
Speaking to the press moments after landing an emotional Chepkemoi quashed claims she was a lazy restless worker who disobeyed her employer who she said knew nothing was going to be done them.⁣

Chepkemoi said her case was a representation of many others who were being tortured by their employers at the gulf noting that her expectations of a better life were not met at the gulf.⁣

“I wasn’t rude, I was doing my job. The problems started when I arrived in Saudi Arabia, I had an issue with her. I reported to my agent but instead of helping, he kept silent over the matter.”⁣
“I left Kenya to go to Saudi Arabia with the hopes of getting a better life and to be honest, mine was just a tip on the iceberg, people are suffering there. My friends are suffering. I plead with the government to rescue our people. They are psychologically and mentally tortured. It’s a shame being told that there is nothing the government can do.” Chepkemoi said.⁣

Chepkemoi’s mother could not hide her joy in holding the hands of her daughter saying she was happy that her daughter was back alive.⁣

Chepkemoi’s plight and photos went viral with her family, as well as human rights activists, maintaining that the university student who looked emaciated is being held in conditions that many equated to modern-day slavery.⁣

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