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President-elect William Ruto’s swearing-in ceremony is set to gobble up Sh200 million in taxpayer money.⁣

According to the National Treasury, the money has already been allocated to the Office of the President.⁣

Some of the money caters for decoration, logistics, suppliers, entertainment and other costs.⁣

Article 141 on the Assumption of the Office of the President requires that Ruto should be sworn in on the first Tuesday- seven days after the Supreme Court upheld his victory.⁣

“The allocation of Sh200 million under the Executive Office of the President is provided for in the National Treasury for Assumption of Office activities,” the National Treasury wrote.⁣

President Uhuru Kenyatta said that plans to hand over power had already commenced by the team led by Secretary to the Cabinet Joseph Kinyua.⁣

The constitution stipulates that the swearing-in of a new president should take place between 10 am and 2 pm on the particluar day.⁣

The Ministry of Interior is also supposed to declare the swearing-in date as a public holiday.⁣

So far, details on the venue and VIP guest list are yet to be shared.⁣

Chief Justice Martha Koome shall prescribe two oaths for Ruto; one swearing allegiance to the country and the constitution and the other swearing to executing the roles of the office of the president.⁣

President Kenyatta is expected to hand over the instruments of power including a sword, symbolising the unveiling of a new commander in chief.⁣

Kenyans wait to see whether Uhuru will show up after refusing to congratulate Ruto on his election victory and disagreeing with the Supreme Court judgement.⁣

President Kenyatta has however promised a smooth transition.⁣

Powers and privileges Ruto is enjoying as President-elect⁣
Ruto is enjoying presidential treatment for the second time since 2014 when President Kenyatta temporarily handed over power to attend his court case at the ICC.⁣

Plans to enhance Ruto’s security immediately commenced after IEBC Chair Wafula Chabukati announced that he was the president-elect.⁣

The plans are supposed to be commenced by The Assumption of the Office of President Committee.⁣

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