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Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has shared details of herb relationship with Tanzanian singer Juma Jux.

Responding to questions on her Instagram, the business woman said that her relations with Jux were short term and ended once they accomplished their goals.

“Ilikuwa tu project na iliisha,” she responded to a fan who ought to know how Jux was fairing.

The question from the fan comes after the two had got entangled in a frenzy that saw them even publicly kissing, the rumours were further fueled after Huddah graced the video of Jux’s song Simuachi as a video vixen.

Huddah dismissed them claiming that people should not make a big deal out of merely kissing. People kiss. Friends kiss, you can kiss your child on the cheeks. Just watch out, you can tell the energy,” Huddah said.

ux on the other hand while addressing the press in Tanzania defended himself by saying that the Socialite was in Tanzania to do some projects with his cloth line called African Boy.

Reactions by netizens are, however, further sparked by the duo’s flirty texts on Instagram, cozy pictures and videos. Huddah did not even shy away in one instance to publicly display her affection for Jux by calling him her husband and saying she’ll never leave him.

A year ago, Jux named a newly bought Mercedes Benz after Huddah. This act by the singer raised eyebrows and when asked if he had a thing going on with Huddah, he said that: “Well, it is just a name as is. I mean it is a beautiful car, comfortable, pretty.”

Jux and Huddah’s camaraderie, which seems to be turning into a romantic relationship, has been coming for a long time since 2021 despite the two denying the claim. However with the rise of artists using scandals to promote new music, the speculations about the two dating would pass as a fuss.

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