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A section of politicians from the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance has pressured President Uhuru Kenyatta to congratulate President-elect William Ruto.⁣

Kabando wa Kabando who vied for the Nyeri Senator seat on Martha Karua’s Narc Kenya party ticket has said that it is in the country’s best interest that President Kenyatta reaches out to Ruto.⁣

“Raila congratulated you upon the 2013 Supreme Court ruling. Raila joined you in 2018. Undeniably, UhuRuto made you president in 2013. You rejected our advice to keep off 2022. Common decency, gratitude, courtesy, and statesmanship demand that you now congratulate President WSR. Do it.⁣

“Sir, you deserve quiet, respect in retirement. You’ve done your part, now time to move on. Don’t rub it in again. Don’t give your haters reason to ever humiliate you. Kenya has favoured and privileged you in a most special way. Show honour, humility, and dignity in defeat,” Kabando said.⁣

The politician said that President Kenyatta had a rich legacy that he should protect such as his passion for regional integration and peace.⁣

He also pointed out some of the plagues which, in his opinion, the outgoing head of state failed to alleviate.⁣

“Rais Uhuru, You have your highs eg your passion for regional integration and solidarity. You’ve your lows eg failure to reciprocate sacrifices for your stead, and failure to curb runaway graft, impunity, and nepotism. Importantly, you have held our motherland together,” Kabando added.⁣

Former Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu also reckoned that Uhuru should reach out and congratulate him on the victory.⁣

He noted that despite the country getting a new president, over 6 million Kenyans who had supported Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga were upset.⁣

“I know the 6.9M of us who did not vote for Ruto are upset, big time. But in respect of the 7.1M who IEBC say voted for Ruto, and to help Kenya move forward as one united indivisible nation, Uhuru really should have congratulated Ruto this evening,” Wambugu said on Monday.⁣

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