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The National Transport and Safety Authority has issued guidelines on how Kenyan motorists can change to the new-look digital number plates.

Car owners can either request to change their current number plates manually or online.

Those who wish to apply for the new number plates manually can obtain the application form from NTSA offices.

Details that are required include the vehicle’s particulars and indicate the type of number plates one is applying for and submit to NTSA.

Motorists are then required to make a payment of the Sh3,000 fee and they will be informed of when to pick up the new number plates.

The request for change of number plates can also be made online via the Transport Integrated Management System).

Drivers should send a text message containing the words NTSA to 224847 and then log in to the NTSA website and click on the TIMS tab then proceed to click on the button prompting one to apply for the new reflective number plates.

One is required to choose the vehicle that they are requesting the number plates for, the number plate type, the location to collect and the name of the person who will collect them.

After making payment of the Sh3,000 application fee, the NTSA will send a message informing the applicant when the number plates are ready. Preferred number plates will cost Sh30,000.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i said the new plates that will be launched with the KDK series for newly-registered vehicles and on October 1st, 2022, to replace existing ones, will introduce the missing link in the securitization of motor vehicle registration.

The plates will also put Kenya on the list of countries that are compliant with the Vienna Traffic Conventions on global standards for number plates including look-and-feel features.

They will also meet the requirements of local legal requirements under the Traffic Act 2016.

Kenyan motorists will have 18 months to change to the new number plates or risk a fine of Sh20,000, imprisonment for six months or both.

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