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Studies have shown that as women love and admire young, cute guys, they greatly prefer the older ones.⁣

Summarizing everything that younger women love in older guys would take hours. However, there are some stand-out characteristics that we middle-aged guys possess over younger men, which the fairer sex finds absolutely irresistible. Below are some of these characteristics:⁣

They are mature and wise⁣
The truth is women don’t want to be with partners whom they have to be a mom for. They want men who can stand beside them and support their ambitions and goals without being a hypocrite. Older men are mature, and wise and can advise someone honestly, without sugar-coating anything.⁣

They are financially stable⁣
As mentioned above, women don’t want to be with men they have to take care of them. They want a partner who can contribute to finances as much as they do. Older men are way more financially stable in this way. They understand the necessity of being independent. They also have experience with handling money matters up their sleeve that one can learn about.⁣

They don’t expect you to change⁣
Older men are all about embracing love and a person’s authenticity. They won’t ask women to change themselves. They will prefer their woman to be confident of their flaws. They won’t be judgemental and will also prefer not to be around people who are all about gossip and judgements.⁣

They don’t play mind games⁣
Older men do not play mind games. They don’t feel the need to manipulate women to get what they want. They know their personality can attract women effortlessly so they don’t even bother to play mind games.⁣

They know how to pleasure a woman⁣
What is a good relationship without pleasure in bed? Older men know what women want in bed. They have seen much variety, and definitely more than just porn. The delusions created by porn have been shattered long ago, and they are as real in bed as they can get.⁣

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