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Comedian Eric Omondi has announced purchasing his own club called Maxys as he ventures deeper in the business world.

The comedian announced the move saying he was inspired to make investments after marking his 40th birthday noting he was looking to end the culture where after hitting sunset years, artists turn to beggars.

“When I turned 40 on the 9th of March, I asked myself many questions because there has been a culture of artists doing so well in their prime but later turn to begging and we want to get rid of that culture,” he said.

Eric asked Kenyans to support him as he ventured in this new business which he is set to launch in 35 days. The comedian urged artists that are on their peak to invest in so that there isn’t a repeat of artists turning to Kenyans in their sunset years for support.

“I have been in the industry for 14 years and currently am the big brother and am urging artists that are doing well to have investments for themselves so that they do not turn to beggars after they leave the industry,” Eric said.

The comedian said he chose to settle for a club because he was an entertainer and his small business acumen could work well in a club.

“I have trued so many other businesses which people don’t know about and I am not a very good businessman but a club is something I understand because in the last year alone I have been in over 80 clubs,” Eric stated.

The comedian dismissed the move to be aimed after chasing clout saying he was coming of age and urged fans to give him time.

“I have given those feeling like this is clout time and they will see it for themselves, this club will have my name embedded in it forever” he stated.

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