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Many Kenyans have been wondering why President Uhuru Kenyatta is yet to make public comments regarding the declaration of William Ruto as president-elect.⁣

Lawyer Steve Ogolla made a hypothesis on the reason President Kenyatta is yet to congratulate his friend-turned-rival Ruto.⁣

He explained that the head of state’s silence may imply support for his preferred candidate Raila Odinga who has disputed the presidential election results.⁣
Many heads of state and international associates of President Kenyatta have already sent their congratulatory messages to Ruto, recognising him as the president-elect.⁣

The Azimio la Umoja coalition party, in which Uhuru is the chairman announced that it would not recognise Ruto as president-elect.⁣

“President Uhuru Kenyatta is silent because he’s the chairperson of Azimio and his candidate is contesting the result and reasonably can be understood to mean that he has also rejected the results because this is the party, and have not seen division,” Ogolla said.⁣

He however argued that the head of state bears the responsibility of uniting the country and protecting political and economic stability.⁣
“If his silence compromises the stability of the nation then he has to rise above his position as Azimio chairperson and speak as the head of state,” the lawyer added.⁣

The lawyer explained that Uhuru could strike a balance between acknowledging that the IEBC had already declared a winner as well as taking note of the dispute expected to be filed at the Supreme Court.⁣

“He could create that balance so he doesn’t put the former prime minister in a politically embarrassing position where his statement could be misread that now he thinks the election was well managed while Raila is questioning it.⁣

“Also he cannot overprotect Raila Odinga to the extent that he compromises the tranquillity and cohesion in the country,” Ogolla explained said.⁣

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