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Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna has been called out by his baby mama for what she has termed as harassment.⁣

Mama Adalola said she had withstood intrusion from Obina for a while, to the point that she can no longer enjoy her privacy. She further said that Obinna was using online trolls to bully her.⁣

“No matter what happened between us stop subjecting me to online bullies. My kids will never hate me no matter how hard you try. We are not the first ones to go separate ways. When you leave people you leave them with their behaviour,” Mama Adalola ranted.⁣
“When kids grow up, they will definitely know which parent was the problem so stop poisoning the kids. I am not here to defend myself not tarnish my baby father’s name. I want what is happening to stop. He knows what he is doing and I want it to stop,” she added.⁣

Mama Adalola accused Obinna of being the reason their child has sunk into depression saying he was being partisan in how he was treating his kids insisting she was going to fight for her child.⁣

“Kids when they are at his place call me when whispering, sending voice notes and deleting messages so they are not caught. Just because other baby mamas gave you kids willingly, now you want me to give up on mine,” Mama Adalola stated.⁣

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