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22-year-old George Nene defied all odds to clinch Elementaita ward’s MCA seat at the August 9 General Election.

When the humble Safina Party political novice, who was in his final year of study at Elementaita University, decided to throw his hat in the contest, his bid was dismissed by many political pundits who ruled him out of the race long before area residents even took to the ballot.

Not one to be deterred by his underdog status, Nene slowly drummed up support for his candidature.

The task was however more daunting than he had initially anticipated owing to the fact that he had to butt heads with more seasoned and affluent politicians who were also eyeing the seat.

Campaigning on a bicycle further compounded the mountain-like obstacle that stood before the Elementaita ward-born and raised MCA aspirant who says he would have already completed his studies were it not for challenges in raising school fees.

“I was born in Ngecha, Elementaita ward, Nakuru County and I was drawn to the position because I wanted to address some of the problems facing area residents which I have experienced first-hand,” Nene told Citizen Digital in an interview on Thursday.

According to Nene, the issues plaguing the ward include, among other things, perennial water shortages, poor roads, understocked hospitals and misappropriation of funds set aside for the less fortunate in society.

As he continued to traverse the water-starved ward looking for votes in a bid to stand out from his competitors, a few of his friends began to slowly buy into the idea that he would clinch the seat with some going as far as financially supporting his cause.

Another friend of his even gave him a donkey and a cart, popularly known as ‘mkokoteni’ to use on the campaign trail.

“I was using a bicycle to campaign and it was quite difficult to move around because of the poor roads which got even worse when it rained. One of my friends gave me a generator and public announcement system to use while campaigning but the problem was that I had no means to ferry them across the ward or buy fuel for the said generator,” he said.

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