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A dream that started in a Whatsapp group in a small Ward in the county of Bomet has become a reality. 24-year-old Linet Chepkorir also known as Toto as she is the Woman Representative-elect of County 036, Bomet county.

Linet garnered 242, 775 votes flooring nine older women who were in the race including nominated Senator Dr Alice Milgo who came a distant second with 43,180, a margin of close to 200,000 votes.

In the village of Chemamul in Bomet East Sub County, friends, family and relatives are gathered to celebrate their daughter.

“This is my home area, Chemamul village, and this is where I grew up. I went to Kapsimbiri Primary school from there I joined Kapsimbiri High School in Form 1 and in Form 2 went to a certain Siwot School in Longisa. After Form 4, I joined Tharaka University College and I graduated last year having pursued procurement, then I joined politics… I feel so good and so happy having been elected at this age,” Linet said.

Regarding her journey to victory, her elder brother Collins Yegon recalls, “Vyenye alimaliza akaanza kujua mambo ya WhatsApp so kuna group ingine tulikuwa tumeform ya ward yetu inaitwa Merigi Ward Forum so watu wakaanza kumuita Woman Rep juu alikuwa among the few ladies wenye walikuwa wa hio group.”

He added: “So vile aliitwa woman rep na hio wakati siasa karibu inaanza so nyumbani akaanza kusema anataka kuvie tukadhani maybe alikuwa anajoke.”

It took two public incidents for her father Richard Langat and her family to realize that she was serious about her ambitions.

“Vile alisema sikuwa naamini nilifikiria ni mchezo ya watoto siku ingine tukaenda mazishi wakasema all aspirants wasimame akasimama na kuenda mbele nikaangalia chini…siku ingine tena tukiwa mahali wakauliza aspirants wasimame akasimama. Jioni nikamuuliza uko serious? Akasema yes nikamwambia basi endelea,” her father explained.

Linet’s mum weighed in to say, “Hata sisi hatukuwa tunaamini tulikuwa tunaona ni mdogo, hatuna pesa ya kutumia so tunamwambia asiombe hii nafasi but hatukujua this was from God.”

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