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Kenya Kwanza deputy presidential running mate was forced to be whisked to safety after chaos erupted while campaigning in Meru.⁣

Gachagua was forced to cut short his address in Igembe North after rival factions began hurling stones at each other forcing him to take be evacuated to safety. Police present in the area were forced to lobby teargas cannisters to disperse the chaotic crowds.⁣

After leaving the area Gachagua who was in the company of Meru senator Mithika Linturi and South Imenti Member of Parliament Kathuri Murungi was flown off the area.⁣

The Mathira member of parliament took to his Facebook to condemn the act saying those behind the violence were primitive.⁣

“Any person who thinks of using our unemployed youths to cause violence is primitive and will be ashamed by the resounding Kenya Kwanza victory in the next 24 days. This election gives a good democratic chance to choose leaders who have people’s interest at heart and service to our country,” Gachagua wrote.⁣

Gachagua who had pitched camp in the region promised the residents to have the Kenyan Ambassador to Somali come from the region should the Kenya Kwanza coalition form the next government. Gachagua also delved into the resignation of the Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul Wainaina accusing the President of using force and fire.⁣

“We’ve seen our President fire the Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor Prof. Wainaina. How come you are using force to fire the professor till he cries in front of children.⁣

Stop firing people, pack go home. The professor has done nothing wrong, he has only refused impunity. You can’t take university land without due process,” Gachagua remarked.⁣

Gachagua also promised to review the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) monthly contributions so that it is affordable for all Kenyans.⁣



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