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Apostle James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Centre has called out Roots Party Presidential candidate, Professor George Wajakoyah who seeks to introduce Marijuana farming if elected President on August.

Ng’ang’a sounded a tough warning at the Presidential hopeful, stating that he would not allow him to destroy the future generation with weed.

He added that Wajakoyah has been misleading young people with calls to legalize Marijuana.

“Unasema sasa Kenya tupande Bangi? Ulaaniwe na ufe kabla ya siku zako. Koma. Hata mimi niko na haki ya kuongea na nina sema katika jina la Yesu, hamtaleta laana Kenya ya kuuwa watoto na Bangi. Hapa, mimi sitafanya maandamano kwa barabara ati kilomita kumi kuombea hilo jambo, niko na uwezo was kusema and I will control it from here. Nitakupiga na kitu hujai kuona sababu you don’t care but tutakuonyesha so that you care,” Apostle James Ng’ang’a said.

At the same time, River of God Church Lead Pastor Rev. Tony Kiamah also lashed out at Wajakoyah – asking him to refrain from promoting marijuana in his campaigns. He mentioned that he grew up in Nairobi’s Eastlands area and witnessed first-hand the damages of bhang and therefore will never advocate for it.

“Wajakoyah has been moving a narrative that bangi or cannabis should be legalized. The damage that that narrative is doing is that young people now feel empowered to smoke weed, now they are publicly smoking it on the streets. I need to remind you here young people that, weed is not vegetable, and it destroys lives.

“Wajakoyah said with his own mouth that he has never smoked weed, but wants people’s children to smoke that drug; that if he’s elected, he will purify State House with weed that day,” Pastor Rev. Tony Kiamah remarked.

Kiamah added; “I want to send a message to Wajakoyah, that God is against you, and our children will not smoke weed, in Jesus name”.
Just the other day, popular city Evangelist Pastor T Mwangi also weighed into George Wajackoyah’s Manifesto and Marijuana legalization – saying most of his promises are not practical.



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