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Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha has condemned the Kenyatta University administration amid the ongoing row over a piece of land that the government has allowed for the construction of the World Health Organisation (WHO) African regional operations and logistics hub.

It is said that the administration, led by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Paul Wainaina is in opposition to a decision by the government to allow WHO set up the hub on the grounds adjacent to the Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRH).

The CS, however, noted that the government is justified in claiming Kenyatta University land for various projects because all land belongs to the government.

“The government can decide that the site of this school is good for a nuclear facility. Once it passes through the cabinet, who do you think you are not to follow? It does not belong to you. All lands belongs to the government,” Magoha said on Wednesday.

If the university leader does not agree with the government’s decision, Prof. Magoha said he should resign.

“Government owns everything, including the land that I am standing on… When the government pronounces itself in a manner that you feel is repugnant to you as a person, the most honourable thing is to walk away,” he said.

The CS was speaking while breaking ground for Competency-based Curriculum (CBC) classrooms at Pumwani Boys’ Secondary School in Nairobi.

On Saturday, during a ground-breaking ceremony for the WHO project, a visibly-agitated President Kenyatta lectured the university management telling them to know that the land is public property and they are just but caretakers of the property.

The Head of State went ahead to warn that those opposing the project would be dealt with “swiftly and very effectively.”

“Some people don’t just seem to get it. It is not your property. It is public property. You are just a caretaker. And when you recognise that, and also recognise a whole government approach. Then you also recognise that Kenya has never operated in isolation. Kenya is a respected member of the global community.



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