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Mike Mbuvi Sonko and Bishop Donald Kisaka Mwawasi have accused Attorney General Kihara Kariuki of not acting in the best interest of the public by failing to end the squabble between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto.⁣

Sensing that their disagreements may turn ugly, Sonko and the Bishop went to court petitioning AG Kariuki to initiate a mediation process between the Head of State and his former right hand man.⁣

The petition – submitted to the Constitutional and Human Rights Division in the Milimani High Court – sought to try and involve the services of foreign actors to come in as mediators.⁣

The foreign actors mentioned in the petition included; “a retired African statesman, retired Supreme Court Judge or Court of Appeal from East Africa or a retired cardinal of Catholic Church of East Africa be the assigned mediator.”⁣

Additionally, their lawyer John Khaminwa, accused the AG of violating Article 156 of the Constitution which categorically states one of his duties is to safeguard and act in the best interests of the public.⁣

“The AG’s failure to take measures to initiate, encourage or advise the government on the need for reconciliatory and mediation measures is in violation of Article 156 of the Constitution to safeguard the public interest,” read the petition in part.⁣

Bishop Mwawasi as well as the former Nairobi Governor reiterated that ever since the Deputy President announced his bid to become Kenya’s fifth Commander in Chief, he and his boss have been at loggerheads.⁣

“It is not in doubt that the President is not working harmoniously since the public declaration by the deputy to rise to the presidency in the 2022 General Election,” they argued.⁣



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