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The senate has proposed to management of the Nairobi expressway to exempt emergency service providers such as ambulances and fire engines from paying toll charges.⁣

According to the Daily Nation, senators convened in the House on Tuesday, June 21, discussed that the toll charges ranging from Sh120 to Sh360 are exorbitant to the emergency service providers.⁣

Referring to the importance of the expressway, the senators reiterated that the road was supposed to ease congestion in the capital city especially for emergency service providers who need to respond urgently to emergency situations.⁣

“The management should reconsider toll fees for emergency service providers. The aim was to ease traffic congestion in the city so that services can be rendered in good time,” said nominated Garissa Senator Iman Falhada.⁣

No exit routes⁣
Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei recapitulated what Senator Falhada said, expressing concern that the expressway lacks exit routes especially those entering Nairobi’s central business district (CBD).⁣

“If somebody from Machakos or Mlolongo is being rushed to hospital, there should be an exit along Uhuru Highway so that the ambulance can exit either to Nairobi Hospital or Kenyatta National Hospital. If there is a fire incident at Gikomba market, staff of the station in Mlolongo should be able to access the city through the expressway,” Cherargei said.⁣

Nominated Senator Naomi Shiyonga concluded by reiterating Senator Cherargei’s statement, pointing out that the roads need to be re-designed to favour the politicians too. “The design of the expressway does not allow us to exit directly into the CBD and Parliament. We must go all the way to Museum Hill,” she said.⁣



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