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A contingent of detectives drawn from different departments at the DCI national forensic lab visited Nominated MP David Sankok’s home to reconstruct the scene of the legislator’s son Memusi Sankok’s death.

The glaring inconsistencies in witness statements and grey areas dotting the 15-year-old’s death led to the takeover of the probe by homicide detectives from DCI headquarters who are also expected to be present during a repeat autopsy to be conducted on Friday.

The wall-to-wall documentation of the scene began by the exact distance between Sankok’s Osim lodge and his house in Narok County.

The team of detectives cordoned the house and went in, donned in white attire, as they sought to reconstruct the scene of Memusi’s death; by looking at the position where the body was found and possibilities of how he managed to take his own life by shooting himself in the chin using a shotgun.

Samples from the brain splatter in the room where Memusi is suspected to have shot himself were collected and observations made on whether they were consistent with a close range shot.

Another round of questioning was effected for family members and staffers at the Nominated MP’s home. Earlier there were glaring inconsistencies in statements recorded by detectives in Narok County, where some family members are reported to have had different versions on the whereabouts of some members during the incident.

Measurements of the shot gun used were taken and will be matched to the lengths of Memusi’s hands to try to establish how he was able to pull the trigger and end his life; gun powder residue is expected to be found on his hands if at all he pulled the trigger.

The repeat autopsy to be conducted by chief government pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor is expected to establish whether Memusi had burns on his chin as forensic psychologists have it that in most suicide cases the victim presses the gun nozzle against their skin to avoid missing the shot; this causes a burn popularly known as tatoo.

The experts are also skeptical about the version that he accessed his father’s gun in a safe and walked with it to a different room to take his life.



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