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President Mwai Kibaki’s passing ignites nostalgic memories of not just his presidency but also of those who preceded him. Kibaki, who was the third president took over from a president who had a loving for music, arts and culture, remarkable symbolism and a soft spot for children.⁣

The man before Moi, President Jomo Kenyatta loved his fly whisk and would more often than not have his children accompany him for state functions.⁣

Kibaki was however unique in his own way, unlike his predecessors who had tools symbolizing their authority, Kenyatta with the fly whisk and Moi with the rungu ya nyayo Kibaki had none. He was plain and simple.⁣

It is reported that never would President Jomo Kenyatta leave for official work within the country or across the borders without his fly whisk. The day he forgot to carry the fly whisk his aides got worried and knew Mzee’s health was deteriorating.⁣

Under presidents Kenyatta and Moi, artists and song performances filled state functions’ programmes such as national holidays witnessing many performances from schools and parastatal choirs. Songs were even composed in praise of the heads of states then.⁣

Kibaki however, did not fancy entertainment much; no songs were composed singing praises to him, neither did he fancy entertainment from choirs and school children.⁣

Kibaki did not even don the military regalia which president Kenyatta and Moi did during some state functions.⁣

When it came to sports, besides golf which was his favorite, Kibaki would rarely be spotted in a stadium watching a football match or cheering athletes on the track.⁣

However all the three presidents had close ties to their families with at least one of their children not shying from the public glamour.⁣



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