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The singer joined American R&B singer and social media personality, Trinidad Cardona, and Aisha, a Qatari songstress.

On his Twitter page, Davido wrote: “I’m honoured to be featured on the Official ⁦@FIFAWorldCup⁩ 2022 Soundtrack! “Who dey wamba, we still qualify las las. “See you all later tonight. This one is for Africa! TULE! WE RISE!”

According to FIFA’s Chief Commercial Officer Kay Madati, the continental collaboration “symbolizes how music – and football – can unite the world.”

He added that, “as part of FIFA’s revamped music strategy, the multi-song soundtrack will bring passionate fans closer to the spirit of the FIFA World Cup like never before.”

The track will be first performed by the artistes at the World Cup draw happening in Qatar at 19:00 local time.

According to FIFA, “the song is the first in a selection of soundtrack singles that will hit the airwaves over the coming months, as anticipation grows in the lead-up to the start of the FIFA World Cup on 21 November 2022.”



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