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Nigerian music star @davido has continued to call out his cousin Dele Adeleke over his governorship ambition.⁣⁣
Dele recently purchased the nomination form from the People’s Democratic Party to contest the governorship position in Osun state against his uncle Ademola Adeleke.⁣⁣
In a series of tweets shared via his Twitter page on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, the music star vowed to frustrate his cousin’s ambition.⁣⁣
“Because of your ambition you have your people write about me (which I don’t care ) but to include the death of my mother in an article … same woman that raised you…@deleadeleke001 ok na .. Dele God will reward you,” he tweeted.⁣⁣

“The truth hurt you that much you had to go that low to mention YOUR AUNTY VERO that cared for you .. well… I don open my crase for the year @deleadeleke001 stay tuned NEW MUSIC 2MORO!”⁣

“Worst of all this Nigga really doing all this from the house my father gave you! Audacity! Disrespect me! (I don’t care) But my FATHER my MOTHER Never! DELE I WILL STRESS YOU! We go meet for field,” he vowed.⁣

Dele’s political ambition has been seen as a clash of interest by the Adelekes.⁣

The award-winning singer also revealed that his cousin is running for office from the same house his father gave him.⁣



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