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Davido, on Friday, November 19, 2021, donated 250 million Naira to be distributed to all orphanages in Nigeria.⁣

Davido accrued over 200 million Naira from friends, colleagues, and loved ones he commanded to send him money for his birthday celebration.⁣

He made the said amount of money in less than three days. An additional 50 million naira is coming directly from the coffers of Davido, summing up to be 250 million Naira.⁣

Even though the “If” singer has set up a committee of competent and credible personalities to ensure transparency, some Nigerians still believe the money won’t be used for the right purposes.⁣

A Twitter user known as Soi Bomari raised concerns about reported instances of welfare officers who steal money and items meant for the orphan homes.⁣

“I told mum what Davido did, and I’ve never seen her revolt so passionately against something. She said the money won’t get to the children cos welfare officers steal it all. I hate Nigeria. She said it’s so bad that nurses never want to leave welfare homes when they’re posted there,” the concerned Twitter user said.⁣



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