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Darrassa, a Tanzanian rapper, and fellow Tanzanian singer Ben Pol released the hit song ‘Muziki’ on November 23, 2016, which has received some 20,083,261 views on YouTube so far. However, the rapper now claims that he has not made any money from the song.

In an interview with Jalang’o TV on Tuesday, Darrassa stated that he has received no money from the ringback tones or any streaming platform in East Africa.

“Wimbo kama muziki, selling yake, unajua sijawai kukutana na any profit ya hizi ringtone back…na dalali wangu hajawai kunipatia ripoti ambazo natakiwa kupewa since 2015 can you imagine that, mpaka leo I have never received any pay,” he said.

The Tanzanian rapper claimed that the contracts he negotiated with the industry’s decision-makers at the time were not in his favor.

He noted that he began to lose motivation and that he had to take a step back and shift his focus to focus on direction rather than speed.

“Mashabiki wanaenjoy kipaji chetu lakini wafanyibiashara hawatufikishii sisi vitu ambavyo tunadeserve,” said Darrassa.

“Ndio maana umeona kuna muda nimesema I need direction not speed,” he added.

The ‘Muziki’ hitmaker was also quick to point out that international platforms like Spotify continue to be a lifeline for him and most East African artists.

He claims that he has seen the results of his artist profile on the streaming service since he created it.

“Thanks to hizi platforms za nje, kama Spotify, since nimekuwa na artist profile pale Spotify naona results…”

The Tanzanian rapper, who considers Kenya his second home, also revealed that a song featuring a top Kenyan artist will be released soon.

“Watu nikienda nchi zingine, watu wanajua Darrassa is from Kenya, na sijawai sema mimi sitoki Kenya, Kenya ni home pia,” said Darassa.

“Niko apa kwa ajili ya projects kadhaa…Kuna ma-big fish ambao tayari tuko nao kwenye meza tunatengeneza project kwajili yenyu,” he added.



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