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The cost of fertilizer is bound to escalate to over Ksh.7,000 for a 50kg bag due to the ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine.

According to Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya, Kenya imports fertilizer from Russia and China, and the Ukrainian invasion by Russia could affect the supplies globally.

​​“We get most of our fertilizer from Russia and China and this war may see the price of fertilizer hit Sh7,000 if there will be no subsidy in place,” Munya told Parliament on Tuesday.

This even as the cost of fertilizer stands at an all-time high of Ksh.6,000 for a 50kg bag which has been attributed to high prices of natural gas in Europe, forcing some manufacturers to reduce production or stop altogether.

CS Munya said the Ministry needs at least Ksh31.8 billion for the subsidy, adding that it will lower the cost of planting fertilizer (Diammonium Phosphate) to Ksh.2,800.

The Business Daily reported on Wednesday that the Parliament said it would allocate Ksh.3 billion in the supplementary budget towards addressing the high fertilizer costs.

Under the current budget, fertilizer was factored in for coffee and tea farmers only, causing uproar from maize farmers.

Munya was on Tuesday directed by the parliamentary committee to come up with a budget that can be used to lower the cost of fertilizer before the supplementary budget is tabled.

He was expected to give a response before the end of Tuesday.



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