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Police officers in Molo are hunting for a woman who fled after allegedly killing her husband in a domestic brawl in Tayari village.

Susan Nyambura, 35, is said to have engaged in a domestic altercation with her husband, Frederick Gichini, 52, after he returned home drunk on Tuesday night.

Reports say the altercation escalated into a brawl, leading to Gichini’s killing.

Nyambura then took off with two of her three children, leaving her husband’s lifeless body lying on the bed.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) said Gichini’s body was found in their house alongside three pieces of wood believed to have been the murder weapon.

“When detectives visited the homestead, they found Gichini’s body bearing injuries on the head, with blood oozing from his mouth. Three pieces of wood believed to have been the murder weapons were also recovered,” said DCI.

Detectives are following crucial leads that may lead to the arrest of the suspect, who is still at large.



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