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President Uhuru Kenyatta responded to attacks from Deputy President William Ruto who had accused him of imposing a candidate in the August 2022 General Election.

President Kenyatta was speaking in Mombasa on Monday, February 7 when he unleashed a bare-knuckle response in a tirade that lasted more than 8 minutes.

Uhuru started by accusing his deputy of taking credit for government projects and criticising the same administration.

Signalling the start of an active political season, the head of state said that he had implored his deputy and his allies to shelve their ambitions and focus on delivering promises but they turned a deaf ear.

“They remind me every day that I have only one vote and that is okay. Our party Jubilee has been working and I won’t get tired of telling people and asking them to vote for Jubilee and other like-minded people who want to work.

“Some people want to eat and breath politics day and night. I tried to convince them to focus on delivering first but I was told I don’t have the power to stop them and I gave up. I told them if that is what you have decided go right ahead, I will work with those who want to work,” President Kenyatta said.

He also said that despite having only one vote, he would not hesitate to advise the country on who he trusts to take the reigns in the coming election.

President Kenyatta made it clear that he too would now join the conversations on who is best suited to be elected into office.

Over the weekend, DP accused the head of state of sponsoring ODM leader Raila Odinga’s presidential bid.

“My friend Uhuru Kenyatta, spare us the kitendawili experiment, spare us your project, the country of Kenya cannot afford the kitendawili project. We have supported you for many years but we are telling you this country will not accept your project which is meant to destroy this country,” the DP stated on January 29.

President Kenyatta said that Ruto’s camp had decided to double down on attacks against him because they had realised that they were up against formidable force.



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