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Kenyan 100m African record holder Ferdinand Omanyala has signed a sponsorship deal with global sports brand Adidas.

Omanyala told the media on Tuesday, January 25 that the multi-million deal with Adidas would continue for three years and a possible extension.

Explaining how the deal would work, he said that the company would pay for his travels and accommodation.

The African sprint champion will also receive bonuses on gold medals won and records broken.

“The deal is good money, they will sponsor my travelling, knitting and bonuses for every win that I get. The money is a lot, it has surpassed millions,” disclosed.

He now plans to break more records than he did in 2021, earning him more money.

His success in the 100m race has inspired him to try out the 200m which he agrees requires more work.

“There are technicalities that I am yet to learn, but I will try. I will run the 200 metres and 100 metres which will be the mega race,” he pointed out.

There are multiple avenues that Omanyala can utilise to make more money as an athlete.



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