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Homicide detectives drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters are probing the death of a State counsel attached to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) in Kitui County.

Kevin Gesire was found dead in his apartment in an incident that was initially reported as a case of suicide.

However, detectives are undertaking forensic analysis to rule out foul play in the Monday night incident.

The detectives say they suspect that Gesire was murdered and his body planted in his house to make it look like suicide.

Sources privy to the investigations revealed to Citizen TV that crime scene photos showed Gesire with a ligature on his neck secured to the window grills.

He however was not suspended fully and had his legs on the floor; there are signs that the scene was tampered with before police were called.

The detectives also dusted his car that appeared to have been involved in an accident seeking to establish whether he was on board alone; the vehicle was parked outside the Spear apartment gate.

They will be seeking to interrogate friends said to have been together with Gesire on Monday night to establish the nature of their interaction. A woman believed to be his girlfriend is aiding with investigations as a person of interest.

Police will also be speaking to colleagues at the Kitui Law Courts to establish which matters he was handling and if he had reported any threats to his life.

Document examiners have also been tasked to probe the authenticity of an apparent suicide note found next to his body. The note detailed a debt trap he was in and a failed romantic relationship.

Detectives are also probing the possibility of depression following reports that he might have been stressed for missing for missing out on his application to be appointed a magistrate.

An autopsy on his body is expected to be conducted Friday.



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