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Hello,I heard you’re looking for me
I heard pulled up to my mama’s when I kept you on read
You sending dms and calling coz you’re sorry indeed
I was a wimp,coz I loved you like no other for real
Why did you cheat,when we had so many goals reach
So you’re guilty now
And I wonder why
You never cared when you cheated and I pacified
And now you’re pleading when I tell you I can’t take you back
This is a deuces and am sorry for that

I found a new girl and she love’s me won’t you look that
She’s my baby and I love her like I never thought
Her perfection is unmatched she’s an angle no lie
And am blinded to you cheater you can’t harm me no more
This’s a warning stop your naggings I don’t love you no more
Get a life,don’t you tell me that you’re hurting you hoe
And my baby love’s me better like the Queen she is

Few days back
I pictured you rolling
Nasini juzi tu when that move was boring
I guess you guilty now so nowender you’re calling
I only need a break and I’d rather be lonely
What if we never met,what if I never met with you
Nathani ningekua among the happiest dudes
I think we was never meant to be together
You were 20 na tabia niza merimela
I am on my overdose to keep many thoughts away
Promises are memories yours made were fake
The only feeling got for you right now is hate

And all I can do is to wish you all the best
And all I can pray for is I to get on finner days every day
Ndo maana sitachoka na kuroga ngoma
We goodbye minasonga ju sitaki stress
I’m on my Overdose

© 2020 Rookace Gang 254 under exclusive license to PJMG Records
January 6, 2022 at 05:19PM



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