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Former Governor Mike Sonko has given Kenyans a glimpse of his new club in Mombasa.

The club, dubbed VIP Volume Club is his latest multi-million investment and is located in Mombasa’s Shanzu area.

The establishment borrows a lot of its interior decor ideas from Sonko’s luxurious Mua Hills Home in Machakos.

From gold-coated lion statues to gold-coated toilets, the VIP club is expected to live up to its name, serving over 1947 different types of liquor.

Other than the gold theme, the club’s wall is also lined with Versace patterns which the politician is known to love.

The club sits on an acre of land and is big enough to accommodate 15,000 revellers and the parking lot has a capacity of 150 vehicles.

“We wanted Mombasa people and visitors to have a feel of what is to come. We have not yet set the official opening date, but it will be big,” said Sonko.

Over new years eve, the former governor hosted Vera Sidka and Brown Mauzo who gave a special performance.

Sonko described the bulletproof dance floor as one of a kind that has incorporated new technology.

“It has been constructed in such a way that it will be giving off a feeling like you are in a lift. There will be slight movement up and down because it has been made with a new technology that has never been used before,” said Sonko.

Other hotels and clubs associated with the former Nairobi boss include Sonko Family Resort, a hotel in Kilifi known as Salama Maridadi Beach Hotel and Casuarina Bar and Restaurant in Buru Buru, Nairobi.



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