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The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has urged law enforcement agencies to act swiftly and investigate an exposé doing rounds on social media that alleges several judicial officers may have engaged in conduct influencing the decision of the Court.

The exposé by former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko specifically highlights two judges of the High Court and some advocates as having engaged in malpractice while in office.

“We are aware that several complaints have been filed before the Judicial Service Commission touching on the said allegations. We, therefore, call for the speedy determination touching on the said allegations,” LSK said in a statement.

Despite the judicial officers having the right to defend themselves since the exposé is just an allegation, for now, LSK reckons investigations need to be carried out quickly before the Judiciary loses face in the eyes of the public.

“In the exposé, a staggering amount of candidly recorded video material from within the chambers of a serving judge of the Kenyan Judiciary, capturing, in his own words, accounts of transactions that are utterly inimical to the status and conduct of a judicial officer. This requires urgent investigation to be undertaken, before public confidence in the judiciary is completely eroded,” LSK said in a statement.

LSK similarly reiterated that judicial officers are expected to adhere to the constitutional values and principles of public service as stipulated in the constitution



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