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Oscar-winning Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o has confirmed that she has tested positive for COVID-19.

The US-based actress, who was just days shy of embarking on a press tour to promote her new movie ‘The 355’, revealed the news to her fans on Twitter.

“I too have tested positive for COVID-19,” tweeted Lupita on Tuesday night, adding: “I’m fully vaccinated and taking care in isolation, so I trust I will be well.”

“Please do all you can to keep yourself and others protected from serious illness. #StayMaskedandVaxxed,” Lupita told fans at the end of her announcement.

According to Hollywood outlet Variety, the superstar has been forced to cancel promotional interviews for ‘The 355’, which is out in US theatres on Friday.

The thriller sees Lupita, playing Khadija, a high-tech computer specialist and former MI6 ally, strive to retrieve a top-secret weapon that has fallen into the hands of mercenaries



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