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The High Court has ruled that the order prohibiting the government from enforcing a mandatory proof of vaccination before citizens can access in-person services is still in effect.

Justice Antony Mrima, in a ruling on Tuesday, reiterated that the conservatory orders which he issued on December 14 are still operational pending the determination of a case filed by Enock Aura.

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe had directed that everyone seeking government in-person services from December 21 must be fully vaccinated.

In his application, Aura argued that the directive violates fundamental rights and freedoms of Kenyans provided for in the constitution

Aura claimed that the government of Kenya has entered into highly secretive agreements with international pharmaceutical companies for the sale of the covid-19 vaccines.

He complained that CS Kagwe is privy to this information and has also failed to disclose to Kenyans the very contents in the syringes of such ‘COVID-19 vaccines’.

CS Kagwe, according to Aura, has not disclosed to the Kenyans what exactly is contained in the vaccines or their possible side effects, including fatalities which he claims are precipitated by the administration of the covid-19 vaccines.

Through his lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui, Aura cited some malls which he said were undermining the court order by requiring the COVID-19 vaccination certificate before admitting patrons.

Justice Mrima did not give any orders regarding the said malls, however, noting that they were not parties in the case



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