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The attempted murder charges against Embakasi East MP Babu Owino were on Tuesday, December 14, dropped after he and Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve agreed to settle the matter out of court.

Days later, details have emerged on the agreement signed between Babu Owino and DJ Evolve that lead to the Tuesday outcome.

The document revealed that at the time of signing Babu Owino had already paid Sh9 million owed to Nairobi Hospital as cost of treatment.

“The offeror is the one who has catered for the bill at Nairobi Hospital and undertakes to ensure that he pays the balance of Sh8 million still owed to the said hospital,” says the document.

The MP will also foot the bill for Orinda’s homecare until his recovery or doctor’s advice.

Babu Owino will also set up a DJ academy for the entertainer and pay the rent to help generate income.

The MP has already bought Evolve an apartment and commit



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