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Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has been banned from the National Assembly Chambers for five consecutive sittings over disorderly conduct.

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi directed sergeants-at-Arms to bar the law maker from accessing the chambers, attending committee meetings and any other activities in the premises of Parliament.

“I direct the MP to withdraw from chamber and precincts for five days inclusive today pursuant to Standing Order 107,” Muturi said.

The disciplinary action by the Speaker is as a result of the chaos witnessed on April 14 as Wajir Woman Representative Fatuma Gedi prepared to present evidence of claims of Deputy President William Ruto’s of land-grabbing.

During the chaos, Muturi ordered the MP to exit the house chambers but he declined to obey the Speaker’s orders and returned to his seat.

“Hon. Babu Owino we are in the National Assembly. What did you just say? I order you out of the Chamber. We need mature debate here,” said Muturi who then called on the sergeant-at-Arms to eject Babu Owino from the House.

The stalemate caused the Speaker to adjourn the House till Tuesday, May 10, claiming that his instructions had been ignored.

Muturi said the misconduct by the legislator was not forgotten and he preferred to pass the ruling today.

“It has not escaped the attention of the members that he refused to leave. Due to the gross misconduct, I deferred the ruling to today,” Muturi stated.

Muturi further said committee meetings that Babu Owino will take part in during the time of the ban will be declared null.

“For the committees, let it be noted that he will not attend as a member of the public. The proceedings of any committee that allows him to sit would be rendered a nullity,” Muturi said.



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