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The salaries and remuneration commission has cleared the Judicial Service Commission to restructure the salaries of Judicial officers and to provide for allowances.

According to the new structure, the Chief Justice, who at the moment receives a maximum of Sh1.3 million a month in consolidated pay, will receive the same total but broken into basic salary and allowances.

The CJ’s basic salary will be a maximum of Sh 952, 000 while the allowances will be up to Sh375,000.

The Deputy Chief Justice will have her total benefits unchanged but itemized. The senior-most judge of the Court of Appeal will receive a maximum basic pay of Sh770,000 with allowances hitting Sh385,000.

The allowances entail extraneous, entertainment, responsibility, domestic servant allowance and market adjustment allowance.

This will bring the payment to a maximum total of Sh1.15 million shillings from Sh1.12 million.

A high court judge at the peak of their career will be paid a maximum of just over Sh1 million against a current maximum of Sh907,000.

A chief magistrate will now receive basic pay amounting to Sh465,000 at most and an allowance of Sh265,000; a gross pay of Sh732,000 up from Sh650,000



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