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Kitui County has launched school shoes made in Kitui as part of the county’s move to foster its manufacturing capacity.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu expressed her satisfaction and confidence in the products urging Kenyans to watch and listen to the county’s manufacturing journey.

“Back to school, form ya viatu ni made in Kitui. Visit our booth at the Devolution Conference in Makueni. Tutawasort,” she posted on social media on Wednesday at the beginning of the 2021 Devolution Conference being held in Wote, Makueni County.

At the conference, the governor presented a pair of the school shoes courtesy of Kitui Leather Industries and other products manufactured in her county.

Governor Ngilu went forth to state that the industry also manufactures other leather products such as bags, balls and belts.

She thus called upon all the attendees of the conference to take time and learn more about the industry while still appreciating ‘made in Kenya’ products.

“Visit our booth at the Devolution Conference and sample through our display of various Kitui products. Karibuni wadau na mcheze kama nyinyi,” said Ngilu.

At the same time, the county displayed a wide range of other enticing products such as Sugarcane Wine, Honey wine and a popular brew in the region known as ‘kaluvu’ all manufactured by Kitui Food Industries.

“Pitia booth yetu pale Devolution Conference ujichukulie mzinga,” Ngilu stated.

The conference which was virtually launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta who is currently in South Africa on a State visit was themed ‘Multi–level governance for climate action’.

The three-day event will run through Friday.



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