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The Nairobi West Hospital has unveiled a helipad to bolster medical emergency services that target a growing local and give patients quick access to crucial care in cases involving trauma care, critical care and surgery.

The facility will boost the hospital’s ability to respond to medical emergencies by facilitating air evacuations in the country and across the East Africa region.

Nairobi West Hospital chief medical officer, Dr. Andrew Gachie, stated that the hospital will also utilise the facility to aid police officers injured in the line of duty as the hospital is preferred by the police force.

“Each minute will now henceforth make a huge difference in our patients’ lives. The new helipad will speed up the time incurred transferring critically ill patients to the hospital, giving them the very best chance of survival,” said Dr. Gachie.

According to Dr Gachie, the 50.5 meters-high helipad perched atop the hospital’s 17-storey medical facility will also cure the challenge of navigating traffic that has been a major headache in medical emergency evacuation especially for ground ambulances that normally waste hours of crucial time.

“We are now moving away from the ground to a more efficient air medical emergency evacuation regime,” Dr Gachie added.

A trauma bay has also been developed below the helipad to handle critical events during emergency evacuations.



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