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The three terror suspects who escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison on Monday morning have been arrested.

Citizen Digital has confirmed that the three jailbirds; Musharaf Abdalla alias Alex Shikanda (34), Joseph Juma Odhiambo (30) and Mohammed Ali Abikar (35) were arrested in Kitui.

The suspects are on their way being driven back to Nairobi.

They escaped from the highly guarded prison after dislodging a brick on the wall of their cell. They then used blankets, strings and broomsticks to create makeshift ropes that they used to scale two high walls around the correctional facility.

The daring escape saw several Kamiti prison officers arrested for allegedly aiding the criminals to flee.

On Wednesday, President Kenyatta directed Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i to spare no resource in pursuing and capturing the Kamiti escapees.

He urged all State investigative agencies to bring every person found to have been involved in the prison break to full account.



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