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Bongo flava star  wife Amina Khalef has for the first time revealed the face of their second born son Kamran Alikiba after of 6 months of keeping him away from the public eye.⁣

Amina shared Kamrans’s photos on social media at a time he was celebrating 6 months, since being born. Kamran is a Persian male given name meaning ‘prosperous or fortunate’.⁣

“K𝙰𝙼𝚁𝙰𝙽 @kamrankiba,” shared Amina Khalef.⁣

King Kiba and his wife Amina welcomed their second born child in May this year but they have been keeping him away from the public.⁣

Kiba’s firstborn son with Amina is called Keyaan and he turned two years old in February 2021.⁣

He was born in 2019 and at that particular time, King Kiba shared the good news via his Snapchat account.⁣



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