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High Court Justice Mrima has sentenced Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti.⁣

Justice Mrima sentenced DCI Kinoti to serve 4 months at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison for contempt of Court.⁣

The police boss was given 7 days to surrender to prison authorities.⁣

Kinoti was found guilty of refusing to return firearms confiscated from Jimmy Wanjigi.⁣

In 2017, Wanjigi’s residence was raided by DCI officers and seven firearms were seized.⁣

However, in 2019, the High Court ruled ordered that the guns should be returned to the businessman.⁣

The guns were never returned to the entrepreneur. The court issued further orders to the DCI in February 2021 to assure that Wanjigi would get his firearms back, but the instructions were disregarded.⁣



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