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The courts have faulted two lovers of the late Nyeri Governor Nderitu Gachagua for entirely depending on his Sh2 billion estate which their children are beneficiaries of.⁣

The children of the two women whose identities were concealed for privacy were beneficiaries of the will left by their father, the late Gachagua.⁣

They had sought the court’s intervention to remove lawyer Njoroge Regeru as the executor of the will, claiming that he had neglected the children who now risk dropping out of school.⁣

However, Justice Lydia Achode challenged the women that according to the constitution, they have equal responsibility over their children’s welfare and should not be entirely dependent on the estate left by Gachagua.⁣

“They should be alive to the fact that the person who worked and maintained these minors in a certain standard of life has long since died and the applicants must learn to cut their coat according to the cloth at hand,” she ruled.⁣

The will dictated that one of the children who is six years old is entitled to 5% of the estate and the other who is 12 years is entitled to 2%.⁣

The court was told that the two minors were sired outside of wedlock in 2009 and 2015.⁣



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