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The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has flagged 14 maize flour brands for being non-compliant with the health standards.⁣

KEBS Director of Market Surveillance Peter Kaigwara wrote to the affected companies to remove all the flagged products from their supply chains across the country.⁣

The listed brands include Ndovu Maize Flou, Jema Sifted Maize Flour, Jibu Sifted Maize Flour, Jodari, Mugambo Sifted maize Flour, Prestige, Range Corn, Sima Tamu Fortified Maize Meal, Winnies Ugali Afya and Top White Sifted Maize Meal.⁣

“Following market surveillance conducted on maize meal brands in circulation across the country in the month of October 2021, KEBS detected non-compliances with the Standards Act cap 496, Laws of Kenya,” read the letter in part.⁣

“The purpose of this mail is to bring to your attention the below listed non-compliant maize meal brands and to request your good office to notify your members to recall these brands’ batches,” Kaigwara told Retail Traders Association of Kenya CEO Wambui Mbarire.⁣

KEBS also directed the firms to prove compliance with health standards before resuming sales.⁣

He explained that the recall order is not a ban but a measure to rectify and eliminate any anomalies in the production of the maize flour.⁣



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